Ethereum 2.0 home staking with ChainGuardian app

ChainGuardian is our product and a desktop application that has been funded initially by Moloch DAO. It enables Ethereum 2.0 setup through a graphical interface plus support for managing multiple validators and beacon nodes with statistics and monitoring.

Which problems ChainGuardian solves

Currently, the validators setup can be complex even for a technical person.

We’ve been often approached by clients that don’t feel comfortable with having some of their data shared with the world but are deluded with some myths on the Internet about how a private blockchain is created and works. …

Programming smart contracts on blockchain can sometimes be harder then we are used to when compared with other programming languages, especially because there are not many tools which we can help us in the process. Below you will find how we solved the documentation generation in Solidity.

Why is commenting…

If you are a blockchain developer or becoming one then you have probably heard of the Ethereum-Swiss-Knife framework called Truffle. Ethereum is in it’s early stages and doesn’t have many advanced tools like you got used to in regular web development. However, using Truffle you get to do things easier…


Building blockchain powered (d)apps.

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