2 min readMar 11, 2021


Ethereum 2.0 home staking with ChainGuardian app

ChainGuardian is our product and a desktop application that has been funded initially by Moloch DAO. It enables Ethereum 2.0 setup through a graphical interface plus support for managing multiple validators and beacon nodes with statistics and monitoring.

Which problems ChainGuardian solves

Currently, the validators setup can be complex even for a technical person.
Even once you have a validator running in the console you have a hard time seeing what’s going on and what’s the actual validator status.
Additionally, to gain some insights user has to setup Prometheus and host Grafana as well as navigate through a blockchain explorer.

This is where ChainGuardian comes in! It offers both statistics and management in one place. With simple user experience, it gives an abstraction over running CLI commands or executing bash scripts.

Part of validator performance statistics
Part of validator performance statistics

ChainGuardian offers:

  • Running your beacon chain node or connecting to an existing remote node
  • Running multiple validators from the same app
  • Importing existing validators or starting new ones
  • Validator statistics (ROI, balance, attestation effectiveness over time) and logs
  • Beacon node statistics (hardware metrics, response time and errors) and logs

+ new metrics added each month!

Part of beacon node statistics
Part of beacon node statistics

Visit the official ChainGuardian website for more information and download links.

Where to start with Ethereum staking and ChainGuardian

Note, this is a beta version and we offer only staking on testnet — Pyrmont!

There are a few simple steps that one needs to take to start staking with ChainGuardian. Steps are the following:

1. (required if not already a validator) Create validator keys and make a deposit on Ethereum Launchpad
2. Install Docker
3. Download ChainGuardian
4. Start ChainGuardian and go through a wizard of beacon node creation and validator import
5. Enjoy staking!

If you encounter any bugs or have feedback to send please use Github issues or join our Discord. We appreciate the time and effort for trying out this release and growing a better Ethereum 2.0 ecosystem.